We actively collaborate with organizations and institutions that share similar goals as the company and can add value to the services we offer to our customers. Metropol has an extensive range of key strategic partners in the credit and capital markets as well as public agencies, Ministries and industry institutions.

Our Strategic Partners

Global Credit Solutions

Global Credit Solutions (GCS) is one of the world’s largest credit management specialists with more than 3,000 people, employed in over 75 countries. GCS originated in Australia as Total Credit Management Services Pty Ltd, and expanded offshore to Asia, Europe, Middle-East, Gulf & Americas. GCS now operates around the world, providing premium services to its ever increasing list of high profile clients.

Metropol has a partnership relationship with GCS that enables the collection of debts for Metropol throughout the World through GCS’ wide network of branches and partners. In turn, Metropol collects debts for GCS and its other partners in the Eastern Africa region.

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Axe Finance

Axe Finance provides leading Credit Process Automation solutions in the Financial Service IT and Risk domains. Axe Finance provides solutions to more effectively manage the credit life cycle, to optimise company-wide credit and risk processes and to enable better informed credit origination and risk management decisions through the Axe Credit Portal (ACP).
Metropol has entered into a partnership with Axe Finance to offer ACP as a hosted solution directly linked to the Metropol Anayltics (MA) platform. The combined solution is marketed by Metropol as MAxCP.

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Business Information Reports (BIR), Credit Reports

Purpose and benefits: Extends Metropol’s Business Information Reports scope and coverage by representing one of Asia’s largest credit information group.
Asiagate was formed by a group of well-established credit reporting agencies in Asia.It has formed and provides one of the widest coverage of corporate credit information in Asia. Its members are specifically selected based on their size, establishment, integrity and reputation from each country. Currently, it covers China, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Scope of the relationship

Metropol is an Associate Member of Asiagate Credit Information Limited and covers the Africa market for the group.

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CRIF is a global company specializing in the development and management of credit reporting, business information and decision support systems. Established in 1988 in Bologna (Italy), CRIF has an international presence, operating over four continents (Europe, America, Africa and Asia).

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ATI is a multilateral financial institution providing export credit insurance, political risk insurance, investment insurance and other financial products to help reduce the business risks and costs of doing business in Africa. ATI facilitate exports, foreign direct investment into and trade flows within the continent.
Metropol acts as Intermediary of ATI by marketing the agency’s products which include: Export Credit Cover and Political Risk Cover among others.

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