• What is a credit reference Bureau?

    A credit reference bureau is a company licenced by central bank of Kenya to collect, store and collate credit information on individuals and companies from different sources and provide the information in form of a credit report upon the request of a lender.

  • What is a credit report?

    A credit report is a report generated by a credit reference bureau containing detailed information on a person (natural or legal) credit history. The information on the report include; Identification details (bio data name, ID, marital status, email, Cell phone) ,employment details, credit performance (non performing account, performing account with default history, performing account without default history),inquiries and bounced cheques.

  • Where do the bureaus get my Credit information?

    Credit reference bureau receive   credit information of customers on a monthly basis from the lenders. As per CRB Regulation 2013,Banks are mandated to send data to all licenced credit reference bureau on a monthly basis. Other institutions (Non-Banks) are bound by the contract they sign with the credit reference bureau to send data on a monthly basis.

  • Can a customer share their credit information (Account details)with the CRB directly?

    No: Customers cannot share their credit information directly with the bureau. This must be done by lenders. Nevertheless the customer can ask the institution he/she has borrowed from to share his credit information with the CRB.Customers are also encouraged to access their credit report to ascertain the accuracy of the information on their credit report.

  • How much is a credit report?


    A Credit report is FREE every calendar year and 30days after being barred from getting a loan due to a listing by the CRB

  • What happens when the lenders shares the wrong information?

    The CRB Regulation 2013 (clause 35) provides for a mechanism to correct wrong information appearing on a credit report. This is known as “ the Right to dispute”. If a dispute is not resolved within 21 days it should be expunged from your profile. Customers are advised to lodge disputes directly with the Credit Reference Bureau that furnished the wrong credit report

  • What information do lenders share with the CRBs?

    CRB Regulations 2013, mandates banks and microfinance banks to share both negative and positive information of a borrower. This is known us full file information sharing.Non bank institutions share negative information and MUST get customer consent before sharing positive information with the CRB

  • What constitute negative information?

    Negative information includes the following but not limited to

    1. Non performing accounts; ( loan not serviced for 90days)
    2. Dishonour of cheques other than for technical reasons
    • Proven cases of frauds and forgeries
    1. Receivership, bankruptcies and liquidation
    2. Misappropriation of borrowed fund
  • How long does the negative information remain on my credit profile?

    The bureau is required to keep non-performing loans until the end of five(5) years .

  • How do I access my credit report?

    You can access your credit report by sending an email to creditbureau@metropol.co.ke or dial *433# from your Safaricom line and follow the instructions.

  • What are is required for you to get a credit report?

    You are required to fill a credit request form from the bureau and attach a copy of your ID. You are required to present your original ID for identification purpose. You can also access the credit report request from Metropol CRB website.

  • How long to does it take to get a credit report once you furnish your request?

    A credit report is a walk in walk out affair from the CRB offices or instantaneous on your mobile phone.

  • If I clear with the bank or other financial institution how long does the bureau take to update my profile?

    Bank and non –banks communicate to Credit Reference Bureau on customer credit account status changes on a daily basis in what is called “daily updates”. Due to the number of accounts that changes on a daily basis the financial institution prefers to send the updates in batches. From practice the update process should take less than 48 hours.

  • Do you pay to have your record updated by a CRB

    NO: CRBs do not charge to have customer information on the CRB. Actually sharing data with CRBs is free for all lenders. Nevertheless when a customer has a historical negative listing, a lender ask for a certificate of clearance (COC) from the CRB.

  • What is a certificate of clearance?

    A certificate of a clearance is a document that confirms that currently a customer does not have a non- performing account.

  • What are the reasons for getting a certificate of clearance?

    A COC is meant to give the borrower peace of mind. A COC is required to present to a lender after being adversely listed, to apply for employment etc.

  • How long is a COC valid?

    A COC is valid as at the date of issue. This is because CRBs receive information on a daily basis which could alter the customer information.

  • How much does a COC cost?

    A COC cost ksh 2200 which is payable through mpesa or to the CRB bank account

  • Who qualifies to get a COC?

    All customers who currently do not have a non performing account qualify for a COC.

  • Does a negative listing on my profile mean I shall never access a loan from any financial institution?

    No: A negative listing means that you are a high risk borrower and the lender need to be more careful when lending to you and may apply tougher lending conditions.

  • Who is an agent?

    Agent is a registered business enterprise or a company with a prior approval by Central Bank of Kenya upon application by a bureau to carry out specific bureau services as may be authorized under the regulation. Contact the head of Channel & Distribution for more information about appointment of agents.

  • Are agency activities necessary?


    A CRB facilitate a database in a centralized secured platform. Agents are necessary to provide solutions to users of bureau services at their convenience in all parts of the republic.

  • Who needs agency services?

    All bureau services can be provided by agents. The users of bureau solutions includes, lending institutions, like banks, Saccos, MFIs, Trade credit providers, utility companies, borrowers, job applicants, companies.

  • Is the process of seeking services through an agent similar to that of a bureau?

    Yes. A customer must consent to any service sort. This is done by completing a request form and signed by the applicant. In addition, the applicant should either provide Identification card, service I.D, alien I.D, Passport or a registration number for a company.

  • Can I raise a dispute through an agent?

    Yes. The agent will receive and channel the complaint to the bureau for action. The bureau will address the matter within 15 days as provided in law.