GCR rates the full spectrum of security classes and accords both International Scale and National Scale ratings, and together with its international affiliates, rates almost 3000 organisations and debt issues – spanning 4 continents. Our rating and research activities can be sub -divided into the following key sectors:

  1. Financial Institutions: banks and non – bank financial institutions
  2. Insurance: short term insurance, assurance, reinsurance & healthcare
  3. Corporate and Public Sector Debt: corporates & industrial borrowers; MFI ’s; parastatals, utilities & local authorities
  4. Structured Finance : Metropol through GCR has done over 17 ratings in the banking sector and over 35 ratings in insurance and corporate sectors. Ratings are used mainly for fund raising purposes (e.g. for banks raising tier II capital). Nevertheless, ratings are also used for marketing purposes, e.g. insurance companies claims payment ability.