<br /><strong>Metropol Credit Rating Agency (MCRA)</strong>Metropol Corporation is licensed by The Capital Markets Authority of Kenya (CMA) and Rwanda Capital Market Authority as a Credit Rating Agency (CRA) based on a proven rating methodology. Our rating is a national scale rating and a product of research and analysis undertaken over ten years to proactively assess the credit risk of a business or a financial obligation.We have served the East Africa credit rating industry for over 10 years and done over 100 corporate ratings, 181 SME ratings, and currently conducting credit assessments on 425 firms spread across the East Africa region.In demonstrating our rating independence and objectivity, Metropol has sufficient internal checks and balances to safeguard objectivity. Each rating assignment is allocated to a team of junior analysts supervised by one senior analyst who has the knowledge and experience in the sector being analyzed.Confidentiality is highly maintained by all Metropol personnel who may have access to sensitive information on the client because of the rating process. Metropol will not publish or otherwise disclose to parties any information given to it by the client on a confidential basis unless the client gives consent.Depending on the complexity of the assignment and the flow of information from a company, our rating process may take 2-4 weeks.We offer a fair rating fee in the market.<strong>Our credit rating products and services</strong>Include:</p>
<li><strong>Corporate Ratings</strong></li>
<p>These are ratings of companies (targeting manufacturing, commercial & Services sectors) as issuers of debt or borrowers of funds from lenders.<strong>2. Issue Ratings</strong>These are ratings of financial instruments issued by corporates as either bonds or commercial paper.<strong> </strong><strong>3. Bank Ratings</strong>These ratings cover commercial banks, microfinance banks, microfinance institutions, and Saccos. The focus is on the financial intermediation process and compliance with prudential guidelines from the regulators.<strong>4. Insurance Ratings</strong>These ratings assess the financial strength of an insurance company and its claims-paying capabilities and record of accomplishment.<strong>5. Fund Management and Money Market Instruments Ratings</strong>These are ratings for various investment vehicles managed by fund managers. The ratings also cover the actual money market products.<strong>6. Credit Assessment</strong>Credit Assessment involves an internal assessment of a company’s ability to pay a debt.At Metropol, we evaluate the financial performance data of the company to determine if it generates adequate cash flow to meet the debt payments.You can use our credit assessment services to evaluate your company’s readiness for credit financing and fine-tune your credit capacity to get better terms from lenders.<strong>7. Market Research/ Industry Reports</strong>We provide comprehensive and robust market research and industry-specific reports to help you make a sound business or investment decision. From the reports, you will get to discover market risks, competitive advantages, and other business opportunities in the industry.Our Industry report provides the following information key to an entity’s strategy development.</p>
<li>Industry life cycle</li>
<li>Level of competition in the industry</li>
<li>Trends and prospects in the industry</li>
<li>Industry performance including the total industry revenues</li>
<li>Changing customer’s needs and preferences in the industry</li>
<li>Industry risk analysis ( including potential risks and risk scores)</li>
<li>Sustainability and environmental concerns affecting the industry</li>
<li>List of all companies in the industry, date of incorporation, and their age</li>
<li>All products, services, and brands offered by companies in the industry</li>
<li>Industry Regulators, Acts governing the Industry, and recent government enforcement.</li>
<li>Market Analysis ( A look at the local, regional, and international markets, imports, exports, and industry value chain)</li>
<li>Industry production (Including raw materials, sources of raw materials, quantities, and values of total industry production.</li>
<li>Credit Risk Analysis (Including total advances to the industry by product type, by lenders, average days in arrears, and total debt outstanding).</li>
<p><strong>Why choose us</strong></p>
<li>We are the only Kenyan licensed CRA Company with a Credit Reference Bureau (with rich credit information on 15Mn individuals and over 500 thousand entities) and we have an in-depth understanding of the local business environment. Using this background together with our robust rating metric, we provide a <strong>True Evaluation</strong> <strong>of your company.</strong></li>
<li>Discover market risks and new opportunities for your company. As our customer, we shall provide you with a detailed research report covering your company’s industry, for free.</li>
<li>We provide a final credit report after getting a client’s review/comments on a draft report. We do not <strong>just push</strong> a report to a client and publish it without a client’s consent.</li>
<li>Enjoy affordable market rating fees against high-quality credit rating services.</li>