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Who We Are


Company Profile

Metropol Corporation Limited was established in Kenya in 1996 as Credit Rating and Debt Management Company under the name Metropol Business Services Limited. The name was changed in 1997 to Metropol East Africa Limited and again recently to Metropol Corporation Limited (“MCL”). In 1997, Metropol entered into an exclusive contract with Dun & Bradstreet International (D&B) as a correspondent and distributor of their products in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. This relationship lasted for 10 years (up to April 2006) and provided Metropol with a solid base for its current business. Effective April 2006 Dun and Bradstreet changed its corporate policy on alliance partners and established an office in Dubai from where they service their clients in Kenya.

Metropol Corporation Limited used the D&B relationship to develop its capabilities in credit reporting. The company continues to undertake credit ratings and credit reporting of companies for all sectors of the economy in addition to provision of Business Information Reports. The company offers these services to lenders, bankers and credit providers (on the supply side) as well as specialized services to borrowers (on the demand side). These services include debt management, training, outsourcing, credit audits, feasibility studies, review, and preparation of project and funding proposals.

Metropol has correspondent relationships and strategic partnerships with leading companies in the credit and capital markets. These relationships are described in detail under “Partners”.

Metropol Corporation Limited has developed a successful business in credit ratings and reporting since its formation over the last 9 years. The company now lies on the crest of a unique opportunity to extend its innovative products and services in the credit and capital markets. The Metropol Group’s strategic positioning and depth of capabilities are designed to achieve high profitability and market leadership in Kenya and the rest of the Eastern African region. The Group plans to attain significant market share as it expands its operations into the rest of the African continent.

Metropol Corporation Limited and its team of dedicated staff and associates is a true partner in credit ratings and analysis, bank and SME ratings and enterprise development.


Metropol Credit Reference Bureau Limited

Maintains credit information database and provides CRB reports to banks and institutions licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya under the Banking Act & Microfinance Act Credit Reference Bureau Regulations 2013.

Metropol Institute of Credit Management Limited

Focuses on training and Business Advisory Services.

Metropol Technologies Limited

Focuses on developing technological solutions for the group and external clients.

Metropol Receivables Management Services Limited

A subsidiary registered to take up the business of the RMS Division.

Metropol Uganda Limited

A subsidiary to carry out CRB business in Uganda. Will maintain credit information database and provide CRB reports to banks and institutions licensed by the Bank of Uganda under the Financial Institutions (Credit Reference Bureaus) Regulations 2005.

Metropol Corporation Tanzania Limited

Currently inactive subsidiary set up to obtain a CRB license to provide CRB reports to banks and institutions licensed by the Bank of Tanzania.

Metropol Corporation Limited – Rwanda

A subsidiary set up to provide credit risk management services in the Rwanda market and specifically SME Ratings.


Our Vision

To be the leading credit rating, credit and business information and credit management provider in Kenya and across the region.

Our Mission

To develop solutions for Credit Providers and Borrowers.

Our Core Values

Integrity, fairness, trust, professionalism, confidentiality, innovation and speed.